Friday, September 26, 2008

Madame Alexander strung 17-inch Maggie - $125

We have a new doll for sale! This doll is a strung hard plastic doll from the early 1950s: a Madame Alexander Maggie. She is 17 inches tall, has the desireable "suntanned" complexion, and is in played-with condition. Her outfit is not original but is all Madame Alexander or vintage replacements, as you will see.

Maggie has the normal play wear — scuffs and rubs through the flesh-colored paint at the joints, tips of her fingers, etc. She has pretty green eyes with a little bit of minor yellowing from age. They open and close smoothly and are missing no lashes.

Her hair is beautiful and all original, if a little wild. The pale yellow-blond wig is not in the original set but retains some curl.

Here are some pictures of a mint Maggie with the same wig, so that you can see how the hair was styled originally. This is not the doll for sale, just a model to show how the hair should be styled.

Maggie is wearing a tagged Madame Alexander dress. This dress came in two colors, blue and pink, and is typically seen on Maggie dolls, so it is completely appropriate even if it isn't original. The dress has a couple of problems:

1) The print is faded in the bodice. You can see this in the pictures above.

2) There is another faded spot, about the size of a quarter, along the hem. This spot is different — instead of looking faded by sun, it looks like a manufacturer's error that caused the fabric not to be printed here. In any case, it is on the side and could probably be hidden in the folds of the dress.

3) The slit down the back of the dress opens a little too far. It looks like the stitching has come loose. No torn or ragged edges.

The dress is tagged "Madame Alexander" and has probably been laundered at some point, but is not excessively limp or worn.

Maggie is also wearing ivory satin panties with lace trim, appropriate to a doll of the era but may not be Madame Alexander. She wears appropriate white rayon socks and vintage black oilcloth centersnap shoes with smooth bottoms. All of her clothing is appropriate for a doll of this period, and it took us several months of searching in order to complete her outfit.

Maggie will come to you newly strung and lovingly packed for shipping. Contact me immediately if you are interested. Maggie has a new price of $125, so buy her now — just in time for Christmas!

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