Monday, September 29, 2008

Effanbee strung 16-inch Honey - $75

Here is another of my mom's dolls that we are listing for sale, on this site and at the upcoming doll show: an early Effanbee Honey, strung and 16 inches tall. Honey is in excellent condition, redressed in a vintage outfit that we believe to be appropriate, but with an odor that we can't seem to rid her of.

The doll itself is in excellent condition, with light play wear, such as the tiny rub on the end of her nose. Her face is lovely, with light blush on the cheeks, ruby lips, clear eyes, and that sweet Honey expression.

Honey also has a beautiful honey-blond saran wig, still in the original set. It is a wig and style that is very similar to that worn by my Winnie Walker — a style I haven't seen on Honey before, but I don't see any signs of the wig being replaced, so I think it might be original. In any case, it is beautiful, vintage, and suits her sweet expression perfectly.

Honey has been redressed in a completely vintage outfit. The dress is made of polished cotton and is very high quality; the style is very similar to other dresses I have seen Honey wearing, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is actually a Honey dress. In any case, it is well-made and fits her perfectly. The dress closes in back with two red buttons.

She also wears vintage cotton underwear and fuzzy-bottom 1950s brown suede shoes. The snap is torn off on one shoe, but they are the correct vintage and fit her (Honey had bigger feet than other dolls of the same size and is therefore difficult to find shoes for).

Honey's only down side is a mothball odor that we have been unable to rid her of. If she is standing in open air it is not noticeable, but as soon as you shut her up in a cabinet for a while the odor becomes evident. Perhaps someone out there knows how to get rid of this smell, which is — I think — her only real flaw.

This early strung Effanbee Honey is beautiful and priced to sell. On sale for $75! Take advantage of this special price and buy her now — just in time for Christmas!

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