Doll Repair Tips

It can be hugely rewarding to work on your own dolls.  I've assembled all my posts with doll repair tips to provide all the information in one place, but here are a few general rules of thumb:

  • Remember that vintage and antique dolls can be fragile.  Always use care when handling and repairing these older dolls.  The materials often aren't as durable as what we use for children's toys today, and may damage more easily than you expect.
  • If you have the choice, original is always best, especially with antique and vintage dolls.  Sometimes the original parts or materials are too badly damaged to salvage, but when I have a choice between restoring the original imperfectly and providing a modern replacement, I always keep the original when possible.
  • Always keep a record of any repairs or changes you have made, and disclose them if you resell.  I always think, I'll remember what I did!  But the truth is that I often forget, especially if years have passed since I thought of a certain doll or repair.  Best practice is to keep a record of repairs or alterations with the doll, either on a hang tag or a sticker or paper taped to the doll stand.
Repairing dolls isn't for everyone, of course, so if you find that you're not comfortable fixing up your own dolls, feel free to check out my repair site, Against Doll Odds, where I offer repair services on both vintage and modern dolls.

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