Saturday, September 17, 2022

Website Overhaul... Again

I've been working a lot on my visual branding lately, for this and other sites.  I wasn't happy with the website overhaul I did on this site a couple weeks ago, so yesterday I decided to work on it some more.  I knew better now what I wanted from the template, so I tried out a couple of different templates and designed a header image in Canva before finally settling on an overall appearance for my website.

I know this has been a rather ignored site for a long time, so I'm trying to revive it with a whole new look and some fresh posts.  I am planning to overhaul my restringing ebook as well to reflect my branding, and after that I'll look at getting back to work on the expanded restringing ebook and other tutorials I wanted to offer eventually.

I have some new posts coming soon, including an exciting thrift store find and a couple of glow ups!

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