Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fortune Ninette or Duchess Randi - NFS

This doll is a painted lash Cosmopolitan Ginger or Ginger clone that I have redressed in an outfit that was used for both the Fortune Ninette and the Duchess Randi. Both dolls were moderate-quality Ginger clones — that is, they used the same dolls as Cosmpolitan Ginger, and redressed them in clothing that was pretty good quality, though not as nice quality as Cosmopolitan Ginger's outfits.

A MIB Fortune Ninette wearing this outfit is pictured on page 91 of Carol Stover's Small Dolls of the 40s and 50s.

The doll itself is in fair condition, with green sleep eyes that stick a little, painted lashes with some rubs, and vivid cheek blush. Her walker works, but feels a little loosey-goosey.

The wig is the biggest problem, as it is flattened and a little frizzy. It is, however, styled into a loose rolled flip, so I haven't tried to recondition or restyle it, as these soft Dynell wigs are notoriously difficult to work with.

I put her outfit together myself, piece by piece, but it is all 1950s vintage and appropriate. The white-and-red satin dress has the Greek key "Ginger snap" and is pictured on page 91 of Stover's Small Dolls. It has been laundered. The undies are the white satin undies with loop trim that was often used on Ginger clones and other Ginny knockoffs. The socks are a touch brown with age, but the shoes are the correct unmarked Mary Janes with intact buttons and straps.

The hat does not have its flowers and has a couple of chips out of the edge of the brim, but appears to be correct. The hat alone is worth half her price, as these vintage hats are getting difficult to find!

Like the other dolls we are planning on selling at the doll show, Ninette is priced to move. I fully expect she will sell, so if you are interested in purchasing her please contact me prior to October 20th.

Please note: I've decided not to sell this doll after all, but left the pictures here for everyone to enjoy!

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