Saturday, May 10, 2008

Possible correction on my Cissette ballerina

In my post on dating Elise ballerinas, I mentioned that I suspected Cissette ballerinas might have followed the same schedule. While the gold ballerina was definitely 1959 only for Cissette as well as Elise, it appears that the same might not be true for other colors of Cissette ballerinas.

Lia Sargent has two white Cissette ballerinas in her catalogs: a blond and a brunette. She lists both of them as #914 from 1957.

My white Cissette ballerina has the same hairstyle and earrings as Ms. Sargent's dolls, but her tutu and flowers are different. Still, this seems to indicate that the color of Cissette's tutu did not necessarily match Elise's every year.

Regardless, my Cissette is definitely from 1957 or 1958, as she has the triple-stitched wig.

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