Friday, May 9, 2008

Alice's horrific hair

Last time I blogged about my Alice in Wonderland project doll, which I was lucky enough to be able to complete.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, her hair is pretty horrific. (Not a surprise, since she came from the same collection as Snow White, and that doll's hair was quite played-with as well.)

I think what happened is that someone (probably some kid) tried to tighten her pigtails by pulling half one way and half the other, the way you tighten your ponytail when you're a kid. Unfortunately, this tightened one more than the other, and looks to have frizzed or teased the hair a little bit.

I did attempt once to restyle the hair without fixing the pigtails, which is why it is smooth in back. That's also why it's kind of stiff looking with an awkward (and incorrect) flip. Now that I've learned somewhat more about restyling dolls' hair, I'm obviously going to have to restyle Alice's hair again — and this time, I'm going to redo the entire thing, pigtails and all.

To see what Alice's hair should look like, check out the Alice in Wonderland in Lia Sargent's catalog. Her hair is amazing (as is everything else about her)! Hopefully I can copy the original style closely enough in my doll's hair!

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