Saturday, May 10, 2008

Perfect Polly Pigtails

Recently I blogged about my Polly Pigtails — a project doll I fully restored, from restringing to carefully cleaning her clothing and body.

Although the story of my Polly Pigtails shows the enjoyment you can have (and the miracles you can work) when you know how to restring and repair dolls, there is probably also a lot to be said for buying dolls you don't have to work on.

Take, for example, this Polly Pigtails from Lia Sargent's catalogs. She has the same outfit as mine, except that she has the blue ribbons for accent (mine has a yellow waist ribbon to match her dress, and is missing her hair and hat ribbons).

The differences are pretty obvious: perfect hair, unstained dress, hat with no chips, vivid cheek color instead of mine's pale face, etc. This doll is a pristine example of one of Madame Alexander's most adorable dolls — and her perfect condition is reflected in the price ($1,750).

For some people, buying a single doll for nearly two grand might be an option, but it's not for me. That's why I appreciate my hundred-dollar Polly Pigtails, even if she isn't perfect. At least I have the pleasure of knowing that I "saved" her!

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