Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Table Mountain Doll Show

Today my mom and I went to the doll show and sale that the Table Mountain Treasures Doll Club puts on every spring. This year they did their "doll tea," which cost $6 (but you get to keep the teacup and saucer).

This is one of the best doll shows in Colorado. There are several other good ones, but this is the one that usually has the most vintage and antique dolls. (The other shows often have a lot of other dolls and toys, with only a few booths with a good selection of vintage dolls.)

I didn't buy anything today, but I may end up buying something as a result of the show. A seller from whom I bought one of my favorite Elise dolls a few years ago may have a dress for a Little Miss Nancy Ann doll I have (currently dressed in a Little Miss Ginger outfit). Also, a hat she has may be a perfect addition to a 14-inch "Made in U.S.A." doll that I have.

I love going to good show. Some sellers charge exorbitant prices, but there is still something to be said for experiencing the dolls in person: their hair, clothes, the way they feel and move and smell. Buying online is just not the same.

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