Saturday, March 15, 2008

New blog, new doll: Minty Margot

Since I'm just starting this blog, it seemed appropriate to write my first post about one of my most recent acquisitions: the doll my sister gave me for Christmas in 2007.

She is a Madame Alexander Margot from 1961, complete with her original purple satin gown, tagged slip, undies, stockings, high heels, earrings, and hair bow. Her fingernails are painted, and her left hand even has a "ring" — a stone pasted onto her ring finger.

Madame Alexander made Margot using the Cissette mold. (Cissette is a 10-inch pre-Barbie fashion doll that Madame Alexander launched in 1957 as a more affordable alternative to the 21-inch, ultra-luxurious Cissy.) She is identifiable by her hairdo, which is more sophisticated than Cissette's usual 'do, and her blue eye shadow.

Margot wore a number of different outfits, but as is common with Madame Alexander's vintage fashion dolls, the ones wearing formal outfits are now worth more than those in street dresses or other more casual outfits.

This Margot appears on page 107 of Linda Crowsey's Collector's Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls 1948 - 1965 (a must-have resource for any Madame Alexander collector). According to the book, the doll is worth $400 - $900. Although doll values are always for pristine mint dolls, I would say my Margot is near-mint, her only flaw being one slightly stretched-out shoe elastic. As a result, I'd estimate that she would probably command close to, if not as much as, the low end of that range — if I were to part with her, that is.

I'm so pleased with my new doll (thanks sis!) that I'm displaying her front-and-center in my primary display case. (I have another case full of dolls, plus probably another case-full in storage.)

This post is something of an oddity for the purpose of this blog, as my intent is to showcase dolls I have fixed up and made beautiful again. However, I was so excited about my newest doll that I just had to blog about her. I promise my next post will feature one of my "rescue" dolls!

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