Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fixing my favorite Maggie

This 18-inch Madame Alexander Maggie is from my mom's collection. She's wearing one of my favorite Madame Alexander outfits: a dress with an open back to the skirt, and a ruffled half slip/underwear combo underneath that peeks through the back. The collar matches the plaid slip/undies combo.

The other day, I was at my parents' house when I noticed something didn't look right in one of my mom's doll cases. At first I thought Maggie had fallen over, since I could just see the top of her red-wigged head, propped between two other dolls' shoulders. However, it turned out that her stringing had broken and her head had popped off.

We restrung Maggie the same day. It turned out someone had restrung her in the past, but improperly. The rubber band wasn't old at all, but was just a basic rubber band — which is probably why it broke so quickly. Also, the long hook inside her head was missing, so the person restringing her had jerry-rigged one using a shorter hook and a twistie-tie — the kind you close produce bags with at the grocery store.

Honestly, after seeing that I was glad the rubber band broke, because otherwise I wouldn't have known about the poor restringing job. Now I had a chance to do it right.

I have a collection of replacement hooks, which I got as part of a restringing kit I once purchased on eBay. I found a hook that was almost as long as her original head hook would have been, and restrung her. Despite the time it took to get the replacement hook on right, within 30 minutes Maggie was as good as new!

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