Saturday, September 3, 2022

Making Progress

I've mentioned a few times that I'm doing some updates to my blogs and websites, including this one.  I had been thinking about moving to another hosting company, but ended up deciding not to, at least for now.  But since the blog was very old and outdated, I needed to transfer it over from my hosting platform's FTP publishing, which Blogger no longer uses.

Well, I've finally finished the long, tedious task of transferring all of this blog's photos over from the original platform, which is a big deal, as it was a big job and also a big problem if you tried to view any of my older posts, as the images simply weren't loading.  That was a walk down memory lane for me, though, as I had to open up nearly every single one of my old posts.  I didn't read each one closely, but I read enough, and loaded enough old pictures, that it was quite the revelation for me.

It would have been a shame to lose all the old content, but in some ways, I wish I could have scrapped it all and started over.  Those posts were 13 and 14 years old, and I can totally see the difference: in my writing, in my doll repair projects, and especially in my pictures.  I take far better photographs now.  I was almost ashamed to repost some of those, they were so much beneath my current standards, but I wanted to be true to the original content.

I also found some inaccuracies.  For instance, I've since bought a book on Elise that does a better job of dating Elise ballerinas, and I think it's more accurate than the old information.

So while I'm glad to have all the old photos back up finally, there's still a lot to do.  I need to work more on the appearance of the website, plus I have new post ideas and updates and want to post better photos as well.  I can't forget too that I still need to figure out a new way to automate selling my ebook.

So, stay tuned for more changes in the coming weeks, and thank you for your continued patience!

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