Monday, August 29, 2022

Thanks for Your Patience!

Fixing up my website has been an ordeal.  I had to move the blog, so all of the pictures were lost and I'm adding them back in manually.  When I moved the blog, I also renamed the website to DIY Doll Stringing (from Doll Stringing Extravaganza), and overhauled the appearance of the entire site.  I am not yet satisfied with how it looks, though, so I'm going to tweak it a bit more once I have all the pictures uploaded again.

I also rewrote several sections of the website, including my doll stringing ebook's sales page.  I'm also in the process of making some updates to the ebook, which will be ready soon!

Thanks for your patience while I make all of these changes.  It'll be a little while before everything is completed, but we're getting closer!

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