Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Madame Alexander Elise in 1957 pants outfit

You can probably tell that I've been having a lot of fun lately with fixing up my dolls. Here is another project doll that has just recently been completed: a Madame Alexander Elise wearing a pants suit that was sold boxed in 1957 as #16-46.

I bought this Elise about five years ago. Her legs and head needed to be restrung, but what drew me to her was her perfect red hair, still with the original barrette and hair net.

I believe this Elise was originally a pink bride, which were produced in 1959. She had on original pink taffeta panties, original stockings with pink elastic at the top, and a pearl necklace that I think might be a little pink-tinted.

I was going to put a 1957 (white) bride dress on her, but I decided that wasn't quite appropriate and put her in this outfit instead. First, however, she donated some of her original outfit: her stockings to the doll who will be wearing the 1957 bride dress (another redhead), and her pink undies to my Elise peignoir set.

I got the blouse and pants outfit six or seven years ago with my Elise #1610. The lace on the blouse is unraveling in back, and the flower at the point of the V-neck is missing. However, the top still displays well, and the pants are in good condition. I found a pair of black Elise spike heels to go with it, probably also about five years ago.

With most of the outfit assembled, Elise sat in storage for a long time, waiting for me to restring her. She is the skinny-hipped Elise construction, which confused me at first, so I had to take the time to research it. I finally strung her a few weeks ago, at which point I decided that I wanted her to wear the pants outfit.

I gave Elise a pair of vintage fashion doll stockings that are a little short on her, but that doesn't show with the pants on. I also had the same seamstress who made my Elise wedding doll outfit make a reproduction sash out of fuschia organdy, the same color and type of fabric that the original sash would have been made of.

This outfit is very similar to my Cissette #905-1957. Don't they make a pretty display together?

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