Monday, December 8, 2008

Cissette's new coat and shoes

When I photographed a bunch of my dolls the other day, one of the ones I photographed was my redhead Cissette, whose fancy hairdo I fixed.

Cissette is no longer barefoot, as I had someone make reproduction shoes for her. They are very close reproductions, as the woman uses a mold of an original Cissette shoe to make the plastic base, and then to finish them uses similar fabrics and elastic as Madame Alexander used.

I also did two other things with this Cissette: identified her dress, and added a coat to her outfit.

The outfit, I learned, is #918 from 1957, and did not come with a little shrug as I'd thought. (That one was virtually the same dress, but had the flowers at the V-neck instead of at the waist.) The other day, I was able to get a much better picture of Cissette in this dress:

I also decided to add to her outfit a tagged Cissette coat that I have had in storage. The green felt coat is a separate boxed outfit from 1957, #925, and would have originally had a little matching felt hat to go with it.

The coat is perfect because it hides the faded dress — which is pretty enough, but I am a little embarrassed about it being faded. I also like that the matching felt hat is missing, because I wouldn't want anything to mess up Cissette's beautiful fancy hairdo, which I restyled. I got a better picture of that, too:

The shoes also made me feel a lot better about the outfit, because they look so great — whether or not Cissette is wearing the coat over her dress!

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