Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vogue Jill's record hop complete outfit! - NFS

I always planned to get more Jill dolls (I have three currently), so I have a number of complete outfits that are not on a doll. This outfit is my favorite and the hardest to get rid of, but I am listing it first because I am hoping someone the small fashion dolls Yahoo group I belong to will be interested!

The outfit is Jill's record hop outfit of 1957, #7406. The outfit is shown on page 212 of Judith Izen and Carol Stover's Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, the edition with the pink cover. My Jill doll is not for sale at this time — she is just modeling the outfit!

This outfit is in FANTASTIC condition, with the exception two small flaws that I will explain in a minute. The elastic waistband of the felt skirt does not appear to be stretched out at all, and the white graphics are bright and clear. The snap is perfectly intact.

The outfit also comes with a stiff half slip of red netting with flocked polka dots. There is a tear in the netting near the waistband, and someone has put a small gold safety pin in it to hold part of the tear together. The elastic is tight and not stretched out at all.

The slip also has red velvet ribbon trim at the edge of the one-inch ruffle around the outside of the slip. (I didn't notice that luxurious little detail until just now, which is why the slip is on upside down in the picture!) Whether it is original Jill or not I don't know, but it is a truly beautiful slip and looks great peeking out from underneath the skirt.

The red taffeta undies have the loop trim that I have seen on other Jill clothing. The taffeta is crispy-mint and the waist elastic is not stretched out in the slightest.

The shoes are from 1958 or later, as Vogue only made elastic high heels for Jill in 1957. However, the darling red wedges complete the outfit perfectly.

The shoes are also still with their package, although they have been taken out a couple of times.

The only really noticeable flaw on display is luckily on the back of the outfit: The seam around and underneath Jill's right sleeve is tearing a little. The very end of the tag is still in the seam, if you look inside the skirt, but the tag tore free long ago and someone pinned it to the bottom of the skirt. The snap on the shirt is intact and not tearing away from the fabric at all.

Since this outfit is fantastically complete and (with exception of the shirt) in such perfect condition, I am asking $65 for it. Your Jill will look beautiful in this outfit!

Please note: I've decided I can't part with this outfit after all, but I've left the pictures up so that everyone can enjoy them!

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  1. Are the red shoes for sale? Any suggestions on where to get theses wedges? Also want a white and black pair.



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