Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vogue Jill's bodysuit, two skirts, and shoes - SOLD

Here is some more clothing for Vogue Jill: Jill's black bodysuit, two Jill skirts, and one pair of fancy shoes. All pieces are from different outfits, but they go well together. My Jill is not for sale at this time — she is just modeling the clothing for me!

I believe the black jersey bodysuit is what the basic dolls came with. This bodysuit is tagged and in very good to excellent condition. The snap is intact and the fabric around it has not torn.

The first skirt is the black and white checked skirt that goes with the shirtwaist outfit #3211 from 1959. It is pictured on page 224 of Judith Izen and Carol Stover's Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, the edition with the pink cover.

The skirt is also in very good to excellent condition. The only issue is that one end of the "eye" on the hook and eye fastener needs to be sewn back down, but that's a two-stitch fix. The skirt is tagged.

The other skirt is the pink skirt that goes with Jill's party outfit #3233, also from 1959. The outfit can be found on page 225 of Izen and Stover's book. This skirt is pretty much perfect, with an intact snap and a tag that is also pretty much perfect.

The only problem with this lot is the shoes. I don't think they've ever been on a doll, so the fancy gold elastic straps aren't exactly elastic anymore — they are stiff beyond belief. Someone (not me!) tried to force one shoe on Jill's foot, apparently, and all but a few gold strands have torn free. Also, the soles have lost their shape somewhat, and the arch no longer matches Jill's feet (also, I think, from never being on a doll). I don't know if some TLC could fix these shoes, but I think they are very pretty and worth trying!

I will sell the lot all together for $30, or separately for as follows:

Bodysuit: $7
B&W skirt: $10
Pink skirt: $12
Shoes: $5

As you can see, you do save a few bucks if you get everything, but even if you buy them separately you're getting a good deal!

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