Friday, November 7, 2008

Reader suggestion for cleaning off mold

Recently I blogged about cleaning mold off of the Nancy Ann Style Show doll we had for sale. Shortly afterward, a reader — the same reader who bought her, actually — offered a suggestion for cleaning mold off of hard plastic dolls:

I have had a few dolls with this white mold issue. Have you ever tried just hitting it with a hair dryer??? It will just melt away & you can wipe her clean. It is amazing! No scrubbing or anything. I also use this method on my Nancy Ann storybook dolls with the white mold on their eyes.

And yesterday, one of the Yahoo doll groups I belong to was discussing the same technique for getting the white residue of the old dolls' eyes.

Of course, as a word of caution, you should be very careful any time you are using a hair dryer on a doll. You don't want to damage the doll by blasting her with too much heat!

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