Friday, October 31, 2008

Elise in her peignoir set

This doll is not one I have up for sale, but another of my Elise dolls. Madame Alexander Elise is by far one of my favorite dolls to collect, albeit one of the most expensive dolls I collect, so I have several nice ones!

I bought Elise's peignoir set several years before I bought the doll to wear it. In fact, the peignoir set was one of my earliest Elise purchases. For some reason many people don't care for nighties and peignoir sets, so I bought this tagged, near-mint set for an extremely good price.

Elise's peignoir set is made of a light pink material that is like super-silky, super-soft, super-light nylon. My mom has an Elise peignoir from her childhood that is made of a slightly different material. I think my mom's is Elise's crepe peignoir, but I'm not sure what material mine is made of.

The doll, on the other hand, I bought just a few years ago at a local doll show. The man I bought her from collected and redressed Elise dolls, and had many beautiful examples. In particular, I remember an Elise doll dressed in an exquisite black ballerina outfit that appeared to be patterned off of Elise's original ballerina outfits.

Anyway, what triggered my interest in this doll was her perfect wig, which still has its original barrette, and is still tied up in its original hairnet. (I have a penchant for Madame Alexander Elise dolls with perfect hair, it seems!) The wig is a beautiful golden blond color, and very shiny.

Elise's face color is slightly paler than her body, with a very faint grey cast, but as you can see in the pictures, her vivid blush and lip color more than makes up for it.

Elise also has beautiful original rhinestone drop earrings. Since she has the hairdo that was often reserved for ballerinas and brides, these earrings make me wonder what she wore originally.

Finally, Elise wears pink taffeta panties that I actually stole off of another Elise, one of the two Elise dolls I have left that I haven't photographed. I think she was probably a pink bride originally, but since she isn't any longer, I gave her pretty pink undies to this doll.

Eventually I would like to find her a pair of Elise's pink low-heeled mules with the big pink flower on each toe. If I can't find a pair, though, I may have to have replicas made. I hate doing that, but reproduction shoes are better than no shoes at all!

Here my Elise doll is, all ready for bed. Isn't she a lovely girl?

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