Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie Brownie - SOLD!

Just this afternoon I listed on eBay a Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie Brownie. You can see the full description and photos there, but I'll post everything here as well.

Update: Wow! Muffie already sold, only about three hours after I listed her. Hooray!

This Muffie is a walker and is dressed in her original tagged Brownie uniform. Her outfit consists of her tagged dress (very good condition with a crisp, perfect tag), molded brown felt Brownie cap, brown Muffie Mary Janes (flat bottoms with no heel), and rayon socks that have yellowed slightly with age.

Muffie doesn't have her original underwear, so I added a pair of correct Muffie underwear, white cotton organdy with heart lace trim. The undies are very white and have plenty of stretch left in the elastic.

Muffie's face is very pretty — I love the sultry look of the full, ruby red lips and wide-spaced, heavily-lashed eyes. Her eyelashes and eyebrow paint is all there, but her cheek blush has faded.

Muffie's hair appears to be in the original set, except for a little mussing on each side. Her hair is pulled into a curly ponytail and tied with what looks like the original hair ribbon. Her cap is held on by her original barrette.

Unfortunately, I think Muffie was probably displayed in open air, and as a result her hair is a little bit dingy. It isn't noticeable until you pull back her cap to see how shiny and bright the blond color is underneath. It might benefit from a washing, but I haven't tried because I didn't want to disturb her curly ponytail. I'll leave that decision to her new owner.

Muffie is overall in very good condition, with no cracks, splits, or other damage. Her walker and sleep eyes both work beautifully. She is marked on her back "Storybook Dolls California MUFFIE".

I have a Buy It Now on Muffie for $75, but she is also a regular auction starting at $9.99. The Buy It Now disappears after someone bids. I think it's a very good price, based on what I saw other Muffie dolls selling for lately, so don't wait if you want her!

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