Friday, November 28, 2008

My new display cabinet

My husband has given me my Christmas present — a new display cabinet for my dolls — early this year. We brought it home last night, and I literally spent the rest of the evening — about four hours — fussing over my dolls.

First I had to take all of the dolls out of my other display cabinet in the living room, so that we could move it over and make room for the new one. While we rearranged the furniture, "the girls" milled around on the kitchen counter:

Like my other cabinet, the new doll cabinet is an antique, though not quite as big or quite as nice. Still, I estimate I'll be able to get a good 25 or so dolls out of storage and on display.

Of course, because so many of my dolls were in storage, I am short on stands: I need about a dozen stands for the 8-inch dolls, and probably four or five more stands for my 14-inch dolls. However, after a long evening and many difficult decisions, I think I have settled on which dolls will be displayed and which will be left in storage. (I have three cabinets now, and still need another cabinet in order to display all my dolls!)

Getting a new cabinet has also motivated me to do certain things, such as fixing doll outfits that have been waiting for a few stitches. I'm also planning on washing, conditioning, and restyling a few dolls' wigs in the near future.

Playing with dolls is so much fun!


  1. Wow -what a lovely display of dolls. Fabulous.

  2. Doll Clothes Gal,

    Thanks for visiting! You have some great American Girl stuff on your blog.



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