Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miss Ginger taffeta dress - NFS

I believe all the Vogue Jill stuff that I'm going to sell has now been listed, but I still have some more fashion doll stuff to sell. This particular dress is for Miss Ginger, Cosmopolitan's version of the 10 1/2 inch fashion doll. Jill is only modeling and is not for sale at this time.

The dress is in very good shape. I spotted a tiny snag in the front, but it's so small the camera really doesn't pick it up. I soaked it once to remove a stain but it does not have a laundered appearance — I use a very gentle method of cleaning doll clothes and you usually can't tell afterward.

The dress is tagged and has the Greek key snap that Cosmopolitan is known for using, so much so that it is often called "the Ginger snap" by collectors. As is common, the fabric has started to tear around the snap from too much tugging on it. (To avoid this, always insert your fingernail into the snap to release it — NEVER pull on the fabric to unsnap a doll's dress with these factory snaps!)

I've taken a couple of closeup pictures to show you where the tears are. Fortunately, they shouldn't show when the dress is on a doll, and as long as you are careful they shouldn't tear any farther, either.

This is a gorgeous original dress for your Cosmopolitan Miss Ginger. All you need is some undies and shoes, and you'll be set!

Please note: I've decided not to sell this dress after all, but I left the pictures up for everyone to enjoy!

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