Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All original Cosmopolitan Ginger #112 - NFS

I'm taking a break from fashion doll stuff for just a little while and posting some Cosmopolitan Ginger (the 8-inch doll) things.

This doll is a vinyl-headed Ginger, which in general is not desirable; however, the outfit is extremely desirable, which is why I bought her. The outfit is #112 (the vinyl-headed doll wearing this outfit is #V12, according to the catalog) and was the outfit worn by the Ginger "poster child," the doll whose image was usually used to market the company. For instance, this is the outfit worn by the doll in the Ginger paper doll book put out by Golden Books.

Ginger has very good blush and good face coloring. Her hair is in the original style, if a bit smashed in the back from storage. She has the correct white velvet ribbon sash, and a hairbow that matches her dress — two accessories you don't often find on these old Cosmopolitan Ginger dolls.

Ginger also has original white satin bloomers, white rayon socks, and the correct unmarked red Mary Janes.

This doll is pictured in one of the little Ginger booklets, the one with the vinyl-headed doll on the cover that features the Disney outfits (rather than the Miss Ginger outfits). Here is a scan of the catalog listing:

I have priced Ginger at $40. For an all original, near mint Ginger doll in a desireable outfit, this is a little on the low side. However, my pricing is intended to reflect the lack of interest in vinyl-headed dolls. It's definitely the best price you'll find on a doll in this outfit and in this condition — and believe me, I've looked!

Please note: I've decided I can't part with this little treasure after all, so I'm afraid she's no longer for sale — but I'm leaving the pictures here for everyone to enjoy!

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