Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little Miss Nancy Ann - SOLD!

This Little Miss Nancy Ann is not yet on eBay, as I am giving my readers and friends of mine first crack at this one.

Little Miss Nancy Ann is wearing a tagged Little Miss Ginger outfit with the hard-to-find coordinating jacket. Although her clothing is not original, LMG was her competitor, made by Cosmopolitan (LMNA was made by Nancy Ann Storybook), so it fits perfectly and is the correct age.

The undies look like modern replacements to me, but the shoes fit perfectly and may be vintage. The jacket is in very good condition but the dress has seen a few repairs: There are a few stitches on the neckline hem, and someone has repaired (with thread and glue) the top of the Greek key snap, which had started to tear free of the fabric.

The dress is tagged "Fashions for Little Miss Ginger."

Little Miss Nancy Ann has very nice blond hair that someone may have restyled. She also has great face coloring, including her blush.

All of her legs and arms have the same even flesh tone — and anyone who collects these old fashion dolls knows how hard to find even coloring is! She does have one pale patch with a brownish, bruise-like center on her lower back — perhaps discoloration from a snap?

The only other flaws I can find are a small scratch on her left eyelid, and a missing tip of her pinky on her left hand. However, the tip is smooth, not rough like it was chewed off, so I rather think it was a factory flaw — most likely a problem with the mold. Her finger and toe nail polish is faint but all there, with the exception of the short pinky.

I am asking $45 for Little Miss Nancy Ann, primarily for the value of the doll and the outfit. Considering how difficult Little Miss Nancy Ann is to find, being unmarked, this is a great opportunity to own a LMNA in good condition!


  1. What is the size of this Little Miss Nancy Ann. Is she 9" tall? I am looking for one this height.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Anonymous, Little Miss Nancy Ann is the 8" fashion doll. Miss Nancy Ann (no "Little" in the name) is the 10" size, same as many other fashion dolls of the era. I'm not sure which size is the one you're looking for, but in any case, this particular doll has been sold. eBay and Ruby Lane are both great places to look. Good luck!



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