Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alexander-kins "Wendy's Morning Dress" - dress only - SOLD

I listed this dress, "Wendy's Morning Dress" for the 1958 BKW Alexander-kins by Madame Alexander, on eBay just this morning. Only the dress is for sale — my Alexander-kins is just modeling.

The dress is in good condition. The cotton is crisp and the white parts are still very white.

As for the dress's flaws: There is some faint brown staining on the dress and the grograin ribbon sash, which you can see in the pictures. In addition, the ends of the grograin ribbon are a little frayed.

The dress is tagged, but the tag is a little frayed.

You can see this dress on page 112 of Patricia Smith's World of Alexander-kins. I used to worry that the sash had been cut at some point, but based on how little of the bow is visible in the picture in Smith's book, I think the sash is the right length — if it were any longer, you'd be able to see a whole lot of the bow from the front!

I've listed this dress on eBay with a $9.99 starting bid, and a Buy It Now for $39.99. It's in good shape, and with the right undies, socks, and shoes, would make a very good replacement outfit for your nude BKW Alexander-kin!

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