Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vogue Ginny SLW in school dress and raincoat - $25 DRESS/SHOES ONLY

Here's another Vogue Ginny for you Ginny collectors: a SLW (straight leg walker) doll in a pretty pale yellow tagged school dress, and a red and black Ginny raincoat.

One of this Ginny's best selling points is her beautiful face. She has lovely blue eyes, perfect lips and brows, and prettily blushed cheeks.

Ginny also has beautiful long brown hair. I believe the wig was meant to be in pigtails, because the stitched part continues all the way down to the nape of her neck. However, it also looks pretty in loose waves, so I'll leave the decision to her new owner.

Ginny's dress is tagged with the Medford tag, which dates it to 1954-1956 — appropriate for a SLW doll. She wears basic undies just like those our Ginny Formals #6062, also for sale, wears under her bloomers. Her shoes are marked Ginny and don't have heels, which makes them the hard-to-find 1954 shoes.

Ginny will also come to you wearing a red-and-black plaid raincoat, marked "Ginny" on the hood. This vinyl raincoat is not original to this doll; we added it after we bought her several years ago, but it looks so cute on her, we just can't sell one without the other!

This Vogue Ginny is a beautiful little girl, but her outfit isn't as desirable as our Ginny Formals #6062, so we have priced her a little lower. She is a real bargain at $75!

Please note: The doll has sold, but her dress and shoes are still available for $25. Raincoat is available for $5.

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