Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our first doll show is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the doll show — the first doll show my mom and I have ever sold at, although we have frequently attended these events. We are very excited!

We are taking a number of dolls with us, as well as a big box of doll clothing. I didn't get around to posting pictures and descriptions of everything we'll be selling, but here are the ones I did get to:

* Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth outfit

* Madame Alexander strung Maggie

* 16-inch strung Effanbee Honey

* Fortune Ninette or Duchess Randi

* 19-inch Horsman Cindy fashion doll

* 1953 Madame Alexander 18-inch Wendy Bride

* Vogue Ginny Formals #6062

* Vogue Ginny in school dress and raincoat

We are taking many other dolls to the show with us: a 1950 M.A. Wendy Bride, several Cosmopolitan Ginger dolls, a Madame Alexander "India" Alexander-kins, and more. Unfortunately, I underestimated the time I would need to get ready for the show, and ran out of time to photograph and post on each one.

After the show I will post updates, and list items for sale that are still available. Stay tuned!

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