Saturday, October 18, 2008

Horsman Cindy 19-inch fashion doll - SOLD!

This 1950s/1960s fashion doll is a 19-inch Horsman Cindy. She has a soft vinyl head with rooted hair, a hard vinyl body, a swivel waist, and jointed knees. Vivid coral face paint adorns her lips and cheeks, and painted lashes frame her clear blue-green eyes. Her hair is strawberry blond and very definitely out of its original style, but not quite as frizzy as most Cindy fashion dolls I see.

This doll came to me naked, but she'll come to you with three different dresses, two pairs of shoes, one pair of nylons, and one pair of earrings. The earrings, nylons, shoes, and one of the dresses are all modern reproductions.

The first dress is a beautiful aquamarine 1950s-style street dress that was made for me by a very talented local seamstress. It features a snug bodice and a full skirt supported by a separate half-slip in matching satin and tulle. There are also matching satin undies that tie on one side of her waist with a ribbon. I chose this color because it brings out the blue in her eyes.

Cindy will also come to you with two different vintage dresses, both most likely homemade or made by average seamstresses. Neither fits her perfectly, but since I bought them for her I thought they ought to stay with her.

The first is a green taffeta that makes her eyes look more green than anything. It has a little fur poof at her waist and closes in the back with a couple of hook-and-eye closures. It is very definitely from the 1950s era, judging by the quality of fabric. It comes with a stiff tulle slip.

The other dress is a little more worn, a multi-colored dress of some sort of nylon fabric that reminds me of imitation silk, vintage but perhaps not quite as old. It closes in the back with several large round sewing snaps.

She has two pairs of shoes, white and blue, so that she can color coordinate as she pleases. She also has modern earrings and stockings to complete her outfits.

Her problems are her slightly frizzy, mussed hair, a touch of "green ear" around the earring holes (invisible with her earrings in), and a pale body that no longer matches her peachy-tan complexion.

These Horsman Cindy dolls are hard to find, especially with the 19-inch jointed body — usually you see the slightly smaller dolls with the stuffed rubber bodies. This Cindy is a beautiful example of a large 1960s fashion doll, and a real steal at $55!

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