Sunday, October 19, 2008

1953 Wendy Bride #1852 - SOLD

This doll is the 1953 Wendy Bride #1852, shown on page 197 of Linda Crowsey's Collector's Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls 1948-1965. According to the book, a mint version of this doll with bouquet and hat box books for $1,800.00 and up. Our doll does not have her bouquet or hat box, but she is definitely near-mint, and therefore an unbelievable deal at $275!

Wendy Bride is 18 inches tall and a walker. Her dress is tagged. We have a lot of pictures of her, but as you'll see they are all worth waiting for!

Wendy's face is lovely: nice painted brows and lashes, ruby lips, and delicate pink blush on her cheeks.

Wendy's hair is also perfect, with the original pins and curls still in place, except for one tiny spot in the back where the curls droop just a touch — probably from being stored flat at some point.

Wendy Bride has all of her original outfit, including her hard-to-find half slip with hoop! The hoop is bent from storage. I don't know if it could be straightened out or not, as we never tried. It doesn't detract from her beauty when she is on display.

Wendy's undies, stockings, and shoes are in excellent condition. Her center snap satin shoes have the desirable fuzzy bottoms.

Besides the one small place where her curls are drooping in the back, the only flaw I can find is a small hole in one of her puffed tulle sleeves:

This is an absolutely gorgeous, near-mint example of one of Madame Alexander's most beautiful brides in the 1950s!

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