Monday, September 22, 2008

Winnie Walker project doll

I had completely forgotten about my 15-inch Winnie Walker project doll, until my mom and I started going through our collections this week, looking for dolls we no longer want.

Of course, this being one of my project dolls, I put a lot of love into completing her, so she's not a candidate for our downsizing efforts. However, I decided that her status as a nearly-completed project doll meant she deserved her 15 minutes of fame on my blog.

I bought Winnie right after Christmas in 2001. I remember because there was hardly anyone bidding right after Christmas, and as a result I got a really good deal.

When I bought her she was wearing a white dress that was possibly factory-made but nothing that I recognized. However, she was also wearing red centersnap shoes with fuzzy bottoms — shoes I was pretty sure were Madame Alexander.

After some research, her shoes and her hairstyle convinced me that she had originally worn the red dress with a navy sailor coat over it — a popular Winnie outfit. As it turned out, my mom had bought the dress and matching underwear a while back to go on her Binnie Walker, and I had a two-piece red-and-white Binnie Walker dress — so we traded.

Some time later, I found the navy coat to go with the outfit. It was a little faded to purple in places, which is pretty common with this outfit.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the navy felt bonnet — and I rather suspect I never will. Other than that, though, the outfit is complete — right down to the matching undies!

It was a year or so after I completed Winnie that I started favoring the 14-inch strung dolls. I always kept Winnie, but after a while I forgot about her. Now that I've rediscovered her, I've moved her to the front of my doll case in the basement.

We had fun with our photo shoot the other day. Winnie's outfit reminds me of a model's costume, so I took a picture of "Winnie the model."

I love rediscovering old favorites!

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