Friday, October 3, 2008

Madame Alexander Cissette in a pretty floral outfit

Let's take a break from the "for sale" listings and look at a pretty piece of eye candy that I have no intention of selling: a beautiful 1957 or 1958 Madame Alexander Cissette, one of my "project dolls" whose outfit I put together piece by piece.

1957 or 1958 Madame Alexander Cissette

This ensemble started with shoes. I bought a Cissette doll on eBay from a local doll store, and they lost one of her shoes, so they gave me a pair that didn't match her dress: cream shoes with green felt lining.

The next piece I acquired was a green felt jacket tagged "Cissette," but I no longer consider that part of the outfit because the dress is far cuter without it.

The dress features a beautiful drop waist, puff sleeves, square neckline, and a pretty white cotton print with green and blue floral wreathes. The correct 1950s vintage Cissette undies, half slip, and stockings complete the outfit.

1957 or 1958 Madame Alexander Cissette

The doll who wears it is lovely — a pretty blonde with perfect ruby lips, perfect hair, and original rhinestone drop earrings.

1957 or 1958 Madame Alexander Cissette

There's been a few times I've considered selling her, but as soon as I take her out and look her over I change my mind.

Isn't she lovely?

1957 or 1958 Madame Alexander Cissette



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