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Don't mind my mess!  This website is temporarily under construction while I change hosts and update the site.  The buy buttons have therefore been disabled temporarily until I get everything fixed.  In the meantime, if you'd like to buy my ebook on how to restring a vintage strung doll, contact me at admin at doll stringing dot com.

Merry Christmas, from my dolls to yours!

I have had a busy year and haven't been blogging or even working on my dolls very much — until recently. I have several projects I am currently working on or planning to work on, so hopefully there will be new stories to share very soon. Here are a few of my Christmas presents to myself: A bent-knee Cosmopolitan Ginger in the Disney mouseketeer outfit, and a Ginger clone in a MIB A&H Julie outfit... ...and a mint, unopened canister of Ginger shoes, part of a fantastic lot of Ginger dolls and outfits that I was lucky enough to win on eBay. Have a very merry Christmas — and may there be dolls under your tree!

New additions to my collection

I have been too busy for many of my project dolls lately, so I haven't been posting here as much as I used to. However, I have been adding a lot of dolls to my collection. In addition to fixing up "project dolls," I have a couple of boxes full of clothes that I enjoy finding dolls to wear. Just this week, I have found several nude dolls to dress. Here are a few of my newest additions. The Ginger on the left is one I've featured before, #444 from 1956 . The one in the center is new — a nude with perfect hair that I found and dressed in #226 from 1954/55. The one on the right is another I've had a while, but recently completed her outfit with hat, belt, and lavender socks. The accessories came in a boxed outfit and are correct for this dress. This little sweetheart is a Ginger clone that I've dressed in one of my favorite clone outfits. I'm not sure who the doll is, or who the outfit belongs to. The dress closes with a Greek key snap, which was used by both

Another year, another doll show

On Sunday my mom and I had a booth in another doll show. A fellow Ginger collector and good friend of mine from Denmark, and the owner of , also had a few things (a few small dolls and a boxload of clothes) for sale in our booth. This particular show ran twice last year — October and December — and we did both shows. This one, however, was more successful than both of last year's shows combined. I've been slowly focusing my collecting efforts on Cosmopolitan Ginger, and as a result I've been getting rid of dolls that don't fit my collection anymore. There are some dolls that I won't get rid of no matter how my collecting changes, but there are others that I don't care as much for and that take up too much room to keep. My mom would call it downsizing, but I think techically a collection has to get smaller in order for that to be true — and mine is growing all the time. Anyway, here is a listing of what we sold at the show: My mom: * 1930s Madame

eBay picture sharing

I know it's been a while since I've posted on this blog. The lighting in my makeshift studio went down and I haven't been able to fix it yet. But I'll get some new pictures and posts up soon. In the meantime, I want to let everyone who sells on eBay know about a new policy regarding people's photos. eBay has change their terms of use so that unless you opt out , you are automatically agreeing to let them use your photos without notifying you or asking for your permission. It's really best if you opt out before August 31st , which is when the new policy will take effect. After August 31st they can still use your old photos, just not any you upload after opting out. Problem is, eBay isn't being very proactive about letting people know — not that we're surprised. Why would they do that? To opt out of sharing your eBay photos without your permission, hover your mouse over the Accounts tab on your My eBay page and click on the Site Preferences option f

Repairing a Ginger doll's broken walking post

A common problem among Cosmopolitan Ginger dolls from the 1950s is that they are found with broken walking posts. The post that connects their head to the walking mechanism in their hips is made of plastic, which makes it susceptible to breaking. If the post breaks, not only does their head not move back and forth when they "walk," but it only wobbles and can spin all the way around. Several years ago, I bought a nude Ginger doll that arrived with a cracked walking post. The crack, which I could see through the arm holes, went about halfway through the post, so I knew if I wasn't careful it would break off the rest of the way. I decided to try gluing the walking post in the hopes of saving her. I actually glued her twice. The first time I used super glue, applied painstakingly with the tip of a toothpick. Once I felt I had enough glue in the crack, I positioned her head to close the crack, held her like that for several minutes, and then very carefully laid her on her bac

Vintage doll wig replacement, part 2

More than a month ago, I blogged about replacing the wig on one of my 8-inch Ginger dolls. Here at last is the rest of the story, as well as a few pictures. As you'll remember, she wasn't the prettiest doll starting out — her crazy wig inspired me to nickname her Medusa. So I took the wig off of another Ginger doll with a walking post that was broken beyond repair. Once I had the new wig in place (all of this is described in detail in the other post), I tied a ribbon around her head to keep the cheesecloth wig cap flush against her head while the glue dried. (I don't recomend fast-drying glue unless it's something that is reversible — too easy to make mistakes. Better to learn patience!) After about 24 hours, I took the ribbon off. Although I had rebraided the wig before switching it, I did have do a little restyling after transferring it. Once the braids were how I wanted them, I put an extra spot of glue on each of side above the ear, so that the hair alongside her f