Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another year, another doll show

On Sunday my mom and I had a booth in another doll show. A fellow Ginger collector and good friend of mine from Denmark, and the owner of GingerDolls.dk, also had a few things (a few small dolls and a boxload of clothes) for sale in our booth.

This particular show ran twice last year — October and December — and we did both shows. This one, however, was more successful than both of last year's shows combined.

I've been slowly focusing my collecting efforts on Cosmopolitan Ginger, and as a result I've been getting rid of dolls that don't fit my collection anymore. There are some dolls that I won't get rid of no matter how my collecting changes, but there are others that I don't care as much for and that take up too much room to keep. My mom would call it downsizing, but I think techically a collection has to get smaller in order for that to be true — and mine is growing all the time.

Anyway, here is a listing of what we sold at the show:

My mom:

* 1930s Madame Alexander Madelaine DuBain
* 1950s American Character Tiny Tears with original trunk, clothes, and accessories
* 1950s magic skin baby with clothes and accessories
* Figurines from occupied Japan
* Carved wooden animals from Kenya
* Doll clothes


* 1950s 14" hard plastic "Made in USA" doll
* Madame Alexander Alexander-kins with the Maggie Mixup face and a 1960 tagged outfit
* Newer MIB Madame Alexander dolls
* Several "$5 dolls" — nude 1950s fashion dolls, Ginger clones, etc. — all needing TLC
* Doll clothes


* Ginny and Jill doll parts
* Doll clothes

One thing we have found about these shows is that it helps to have a combination of high-dollar dolls ("eye candy") and bargain stuff. So in addition to our nice dolls, we had a number of bargain dolls and several plastic tubs full of clothes (off to the side, out of the picture) for people to dig through. We set our prices fairly low, and by the end of the day our table was quite a bit more bare than what you see here.

Of course, the result is that we will turn around and put a lot of what we made into buying more dolls. The cycle never ends!


  1. Enjoyed your pics...dolls are wonderful, yeah I also thin out only to purchase more, collection always changing, keeps it interesting!!

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