Friday, April 3, 2009

My vintage Disney doll display

I have eight dolls in my collection right now that represent Disney characters or were sold using the Disney name. I have put together six of them on one of my shelves in my doll cabinets as a vintage Disney doll display.

Alice in Wonderland by Madame Alexander, 1951
Cinderella by Madame Alexander, 1950
Prince Charming by Madame Alexander, 1950
Snow White by Madame Alexander, 1952
Ginger as Davy Crockett by Cosmopolitan, c. 1954; also called Pioneer Girl in 1956 catalog
Frontier Girl Ginger by Cosmopolitan, c. 1956

Disney put their name on a whole bunch of Cosmopolitan Ginger dolls in the mid-1950s. The Davy Crockett doll is actually a new addition to my collection, and a true rags to riches story. I'll be blogging about her in a series of posts to come!

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