Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cosmopolitan Ginger sailor outfit

It's been far too long since I posted any pictures or stories of dolls. I've been busily getting back to collecting, though, so it's not for lack of material!

This outfit actually belongs to a friend of mine who has a Ginger dolls website, but she was kind enough to let me photograph my doll in it.

The outfit is a tagged Cosompolitan Ginger sailor outfit. Neither of us have seen any documentation on this outfit, so we don't know much about it. The hat is vintage Ginger or Pam and is our addition. The purse, socks, and shoes are mine.

Here are a few detailed pictures of the outfit. It has matching bloomers and bears the Jackson Heights tag, both of which I forgot to photograph.

Does anyone have any information on this little blue sailor dress? It is tagged Cosmopolitan Ginger, but we haven't seen any documentation on the outfit.


  1. This is outfit #333 from the Novelty Series. Comes with a red belt and the red tie, ties around her neck in front but goes under the collar in the back. Red felt hat, red shoes and white socks. The correct box would say Style no. 33

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! Though the belt appears to be white in the catalog picture.

    Until recently, I always assumed #333 was a brownie outfit. However, since posting this I noticed the catalog picture of #333shows white contrast stitching and a white belt, which of course wouldn't be a brownie outfit. I suspected #333 might be the sailor outfit, and you've just confirmed it, so thanks!

    The only thing I haven't yet figured out: What is the hat supposed to look like? You can't see much of it in the catalog, but is it a pillbox hat?



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