Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boxed Pam shorts set for doll identification help

Regular readers probably already know that I am an avid collector of Cosmopolitan Ginger and Ginger clones. One doll company that used Ginger clones was Fortune, which made Ninette and Pam.

This boxed Pam outfit was on eBay this week: a shorts outfit that is marked on the box as "6/12 shorts - 98". I asked the seller for permission to use the pictures here, because I think this is such a great opportunity for collectors to identify outfits.

The MIB, complete outfit consists of a white cotton waffle weave shirt with blue trim, like a tennis shirt, which closes in the back with a Greek key snap; a pair of matching blue shorts, also closing with a Greek key snap; white rayon socks; and white unmarked vinyl Mary Janes.

All photos by Teresa Lehmbeck, ebay: the2sisters

Interestingly, the shorts appear to be the exact same ones as this MIB Fortune Pam (a Ginger clone with bending elbows and knees — scroll about halfway down the page). The outfit number on the MIB doll is "8/12 shorts - 198" (I'm guessing the 98 and 198 are the price).

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