Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alexander-kin 1955 outfit "Wendy Loves Her Ballet Lessons" - SOLD

The doll show is tomorrow, and once again I haven't photographed all my dolls and doll clothing for sale! I'm getting closer, though.

Here is an outfit for the Madame Alexander Alexander-kin or Wendy, the 1955 "Wendy Loves Her Ballet Lessons" #454-1955. All that is included here is the tutu and matching panties. The doll who is modeling is being sold on eBay as we speak, and I'm sorry to say I don't have either the ballet slippers or the plastic flower headpiece for this outfit.

The tutu and panties are in great condition. Both are made of white satin and tulle, which has turned a little ivory with age. The tutu has a felt flower at the waist. The outfit is tagged.

You can see this exact outfit on page 55 of Patricia Smith's World of Alexander-kins. Although the book claims it is a one-piece tutu, my outfit is two pieces. I think it might be another of Patricia Smith's famous mistakes, as it is definitely the same ballet outfit, and the panties just as definitely match the tutu. (In fact, the panties are the same cut and style of the panties my mom has for her 1954 Alexander-kin ballet outfit, which she got as a child.)

The elastic is a little stiff and stretched out, but fits well enough to stay up quite well.

This outfit goes to a straight leg walker Alexander-kin. It can be worn by a doll in the normal Wendy hairdo, but for a special hairdo doll (generally viewed as more desirable and more valuable) you could put the doll on a Wendy in the 1955 Juliet hairdo. Patricia Smith reports that dolls with the latter hairdo were dressed in this outfit, possibly to use up extra stock.

This outfit is in great condition, from the felt flower and the tulle, right down to the ribbon ties in the back. It's a great deal at $30. If you can't afford a new doll for Christmas, why not get an old doll a new outfit?

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