Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vogue Jill formal outfit #7403 - SOLD

I told you I had a lot of Vogue Jill outfits set aside for the dolls I meant to get someday! This is Jill's formal outfit #7403 from 1957. The outfit can be seen on page 211 of Judith Izen and Carol Stover's Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, the edition with the pink cover. My outfit includes the dress, half slip, taffeta panties, and black elastic shoes. Jill and her nylons are not included in this sale.

This outfit includes the tagged dress, Jill's parchment half-slip (shown on page 216 of Izen and Stover's book), taffeta panties, and black elastic shoes.

The dress is in very good condition, with the exception of a little pink dye that has transferred to the white taffeta from the hot pink flower. The tag inside the dress is perfect, and the velvet neck ties are in great shape with minor fraying at the ends. The snap is intact with no rips in the fabric around it.

The parchment half slip is an original Jill item and can be found on page 216 of Izen and Stover's book. The slip is still crispy mint and the elastic still has plenty of stretch in it. Someone (I think me?) put a few stitches in the waist where the parchment had torn away just a little from the elastic.

The panties are adorable white taffeta with tiny black lace trim. The color scheme makes them a perfect match for this dress! The elastic is slightly stretched out but still has enough stretch in it to make it a good fit around Jill's waist.

The shoes are Jill's black elastic heels with a rhinestone on each one. The elastic is nice and tight. I displayed this outfit on my doll for a while, and I think that may have been the only time these shoes spent on a doll.

All of the various pieces of this outfit — very good dress and undies, near mint slip and shoes — enable you to completely dress your nude Jill with just one purchase. Such a deal at $45, especially for a formal outfit!

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