Friday, October 17, 2008

Nancy Ann Style Show "Dash of Spice" - SOLD!

This little beauty of my mom's is an 18-inch strung Nancy Ann Style Show doll. The outfit is called "Dash of Spice" and the doll dates to the early to mid 1950s. (I don't know the exact year — I'll have to look that one up!) We are asking $150 for her.

Dash of Spice has absolutely beautiful face paint. Nancy Ann Style Show dolls had not only blush and painted eyelashes, but also smoky eye shadow. You can see her gorgeous face quite clearly in this picture.

Her hair is also still tied back into the original chignon.

Dash of Spice has all of her original costume except for her hoop, which would have been sewn into a half slip worn under her dress. The Nancy Ann Style Show dolls had voluminous skirts with great big hoops, which is why the dress is so long. A seamstress could probably make a new hoop slip for her.

Also, the lace trim on her dress is rather torn. It would probably improve her appearance a great deal to carefully trim away the tattered lace, but I'll leave that decision to the buyer.

Her undies, stockings, and shoes are all original and in great condition.

One of Dash of Spice's best features is her hard-to-find silver foil hang tag. On the outside it reads "Style Show by Nancy Ann / 1504 Dash of Spice". On the inside it lists all of the Style Show dolls' names and numbers. The hang tag is a little bent and the crease where it folds in half is torn partway up, but hey, it looks pretty good for a 55-year-old piece of paper!

Besides her missing hoop slip and tattered lace, the doll's only problem is that she is a mold survivor. Her painted hard plastic body has the odd splotchy discolorations that comes from mold, but she has been thoroughly cleaned with a good doll cleaner. Her dress also had a powdery white residue on it, presumably from the mold, which has been wiped away as best as possible with a soft (dry) cotton cloth.

The discolorations on her back, chest, arms, and legs is faint, so the camera doesn't pick it up very well. You might be able to see some of it in this picture on the left side of her back if you look closely. You can also see a faint semi-circle where one of her snaps left a slight dent and discoloration on her back. Fortunately, none of this will ever show when she is dressed!

Even with her issues, she is a beautiful, hard-to-find doll — and a great deal for $150. Nancy Ann Style Show dolls are highly collectible, especially the early strung ones!

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