Sunday, October 26, 2008

Live blogging the doll show!

Here we are at the doll show, with an hour left to go! I can get wireless Internet here, so I wanted to post an update.

It has been a long day — I got up at 6:30 am to get dressed, get breakfast, and load up the car with my mom. We arrived just before 8:00, with an hour to get ready before the doors opened to the early birds.

The first hour and a half was our best. Within perhaps forty minutes, I sold three dolls — my 1950 Wendy Bride and two Binnie Walker "project dolls" — as well as some vintage doll clothing. Of course, I also bought a doll (which I will post pictures of soon), so I pretty much broke even.

My mom sold several doll books and some more vintage clothing — enough to buy a different doll book she wants. I guess that's really why we do these doll shows: so that we can buy more!

I took a picture of our booth before we sold a couple of things:

The next doll show is December 7th, and we're planning on doing that one too. I think next time I'll market a little better, and perhaps we'll get some more money — or should I say, some more dolls!

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