Thursday, May 1, 2008

Madame Alexander Little Genius - SOLD!

This Little Genius is one of Madame Alexander's 8-inch baby dolls, made between 1956 and 1962. My mom is the one offering this doll for sale at a very reasonable price: $65.

Little Genius has beautiful fever cheeks. Unfortunately, the blush shows some play wear, which you can see in the next picture. Both cheeks have a couple of rubs, but the only one that really shows is a line through the blush on the doll's right cheek. The inside of her left ankle also has a small dark smudge.

One of the nicest things about this doll is the wonderful condition of the caracul wig. These dolls are often found with frizzy, ratty caracul wigs, but as you can see, this one retains the original tight curls.

Finally, the doll's outfit: The pink nylon/satin shirt, which ties together with a pink satin ribbon under the doll's chin, is tagged "Little Genius" at the back of the neck. The cloth diaper is not tagged, but judging by the quality and the very similar lace trim on the diaper, I'm willing to bet it is original as well.

According to Linda Crowsey's 2008 Madame Alexander price guide, a nude Little Genius with good face color books at $100, and a doll with a play dress books at $200. Since this doll is dressed but in baby clothes, rather than a full outfit, I would estimate that she books somewhere in between. Of course, she isn't perfect, but she is definitely one of the nicer examples I've seen lately — and a good deal for only $65!

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  1. I have a 1960 Little Genius & have been searching high & low for value info. Yours is the first site with any really useful info. Thanks so much. I got my doll as a get well gift when I had eye surgery in 1960. I know that your lace-trimmed diaper is original because my doll came with the same diaper. I also have three dresses with hats, a long gown, and a sunsuit, as well as the original hat box she came in when we purchased her at Macy's in Detroit. Thanks for an informative site, KM



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