Sunday, May 4, 2008

Barefoot beauty: Redhead Cissette

This Cissette redhead is another doll that I made beautiful again via simple doll restoration.

Just like my Cissette ballerina, I bought this doll for a good price, thanks to her less-than-perfect condition. I don't think I paid more than $40 for her; although she had no damage, she was very dirty, and the seller's pictures were very poor.

She was a gamble, but she turned out to be a worthwhile one. After I received her I realized that her hair was indeed red (the pictures were so poor that it was difficult to tell). Even better than that, she had one of Cissette's fancy hairdos — although it was a bit mussed, it was something I could fix. I'll talk about that in a future post.

Anyway, this Cissette was also so dirty that her cheek blush wasn't visible. However, as you can see from the pictures, she has very vivid blush — so that should give you an idea of how dirty she was. As I cleaned her face and discovered the blush underneath, I literally shrieked with surprise and excitement. It was quite a discovery!

This Cissette was a good deal in another way, too: The seller sent her to me wearing a Madame Alexander dress she assumed belonged to the doll, but which is actually a 1956 Alexander-Kins dress. She was also wearing a pair of original Cissette undies that appeared to have once been pink, but were a little faded.

Judging by Cissette's fancy hairdo, her earring holes, and her pink taffeta undies, she was originally dressed in one of the fancier outfits — perhaps in a dress with matching opera coat. I originally intended to keep her in the dress she is wearing now, which was originally one of Cissette's fancier dresses, #943 of 1957-58; however, it is badly faded (should be lavender, not pink), may have been laundered, and is missing the short jacket (like a shrug) that originally came with it. Therefore I am thinking of trying to find a different dress for this Cissette to wear.

Stay tuned for the post on how I fixed this Cissette's fancy hairdo!

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