Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More information on my Wendy Bride

I blogged a little while ago about one of my ongoing project dolls, a doll tagged "Wendy Bride" who looks identical to my mom's Lucy Bride.

Since then, I've run across this Wendy Bride listing from Lia Sargent, who appears to be quite the expert in Madame Alexander dolls. All of her dolls are tissue mint, pretty much the finest quality I've ever seen anywhere.

Anyway, the listing claims that although the doll is sometimes called "Lucy Bride," her official name was Wendy Bride. She is listed as being made in 1949, which corresponds with the years listed for Lucy Bride in Linda Crowsey's price guide.

I highly recommend checking out the pictures of Lia Sargent's Wendy Bride — she is an exquisite example of what mine would have looked like when she was new!

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