Monday, March 31, 2008

My new Elise display

Recently I got a new Elise to go with the outfit I had custom-made to look like my vintage 1920s wedding dress. I wanted to put her on display, so I had to move around my dolls around a little. I have more dolls than I can display in my cases, so periodically I move some out of the cases and into storage, and bring up others who haven't been displayed in a while.

Anyway, this is my new display:

The Elise in the champagne-colored dress is my wedding Elise. She was quite an ordeal — I'll blog about that in a future post.

The Elise in the yellow formal gown also has quite a story to her.

In the back row, you can see my white Elise Ballerina peeking through. If you'll remember from my post on how to date an Elise Ballerina, her white tutu means she is from 1958, Elise's second year in production.

In the other corner is another of my favorite Elise dolls: an all-original Elise wearing a blue-checked taffeta dress. I'll also blog about her in a future post.

The doll in the middle of the back row is not Elise, but Active Miss from 1954. She is also deserving of her own blog post.

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