Monday, March 24, 2008

My first Cosmopolitan Ginger

In a previous post, I mentioned that Cosmopolitan Ginger is one of my favorites of the 8-inch toddler dolls from the 1950s. Madame Alexander dolls are another of my favorites, but I'll discuss that in another post.

Ginger is one of my favorites for quite a few reasons: I like her face the best, she has cute outfits, and she's relatively affordable when compared to Ginny, Muffie, and Wendy/Alexander-kins. However, Ginger was also the very first doll I had from the 1950s, and the beginning of my doll collection.

When my mom was working at Goodwill some year ago, she found a little 8-inch doll in one of the bins there. She pulled it out and brought it home. It was a little forlorn thing, with loose arms and Medusa hair, so she had it fixed at a local doll hospital and gave it to me for Christmas.

(As an aside here, I later realized that this doll hospital wasn't really worth its salt. It overcharged for restringing, something I discovered is actually amazingly easy to do yourself. The doll hospital also washed the doll's hair without restyling it, something else that I went back and fixed myself later on.)

The doll hospital didn't know what kind of doll she was, so I researched her on my own and discovered that she is a Cosmopolitan Ginger with small eyes. I started looking on eBay to find her appropriate clothes, and ended up finding her some friends as well. Here she is wearing the basic Ginger dress and a separate coat, #960:

With more than 30 Gingers and Ginger knock-offs in my collection now, I've realized that my first Ginger is either a knock-off or has a replacement wig: Although clearly vintage, her wig is unlike any other I've ever seen on a Ginger. It most closely resembles Jill's angel-cut wig, but there are some differences so I'm not sure.

In any case, she is my first Ginger and will always be a part of my collection, no matter how little money she is worth in comparison.

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