Friday, March 28, 2008

I restyled Snow White's hair correctly!

I was just looking at an auction on eBay for an almost-all-original 1952 Snow White, and it turns out I restyled Snow White's hair correctly!

Here is the picture of the eBay doll's original hairdo (used with permission from rebeccade):

If you look closely, you can see that the hair is pulled back in a piggy tail on each side, then combined into a single tail in the back. You can also see a little bit of the metal barrette (actually a heavy metal wire that hooks into the piggy tail on each side to hold them up) peeking out from under the pink ribbon.

By the way, the seller notes that the pink ribbon is replaced, but she included the original one in the auction, and they look nearly identical.

I have a picture of my Snow White's hair after I restyled it, from almost the same angle:

As you can see, I got the style right — all I'm missing is the barrette and a pink ribbon!

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