Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cosmopolitan Ginger sailor outfit

It's been far too long since I posted any pictures or stories of dolls. I've been busily getting back to collecting, though, so it's not for lack of material!

This outfit actually belongs to a friend of mine who has a Ginger dolls website, but she was kind enough to let me photograph my doll in it.

The outfit is a tagged Cosompolitan Ginger sailor outfit. Neither of us have seen any documentation on this outfit, so we don't know much about it. The hat is vintage Ginger or Pam and is our addition. The purse, socks, and shoes are mine.

Here are a few detailed pictures of the outfit. It has matching bloomers and bears the Jackson Heights tag, both of which I forgot to photograph.

Blue cotton sailor outfit with a red ribbon tie at the neck

Close-up of a painted lash Ginger wearing a undocumented sailor outfit

Blue cotton sailor dress, natural straw hat, white socks and shoes

Back view of a tagged Ginger sailor outfit

Vintage Ginger or Pam hat, natural straw with black satin ribbon trim, paired with a tagged blue Ginger sailor dress

Does anyone have any information on this little blue sailor dress? It is tagged Cosmopolitan Ginger, but we haven't seen any documentation on the outfit.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1986 Vogue Ginny Bride and Groom MIB - SOLD!

I was going through my more modern dolls, and decided to get rid of some of them, since I don't really care for them anymore — I much prefer the vintage dolls. I'm only asking $30 for this Ginny Bride and Groom from 1986. The Vogue company did a series of romantic couples in this year that also included Romeo and Juliet, and I think I've heard of a king and queen as well.

This set is mint in box. I removed them from the box when I bought them, but I was the first to do so. I put them right back in without displaying them. The box is in great shape with only a little bit of shelf wear, and of course the dolls are mint.

Mint in box Vogue Ginny Bride and Groom from 1986


Friday, February 6, 2009

Greek key snaps on vintage doll clothing

An extreme close-up of a Greek key snap, showing in detail the Greek key or P pattern around the edgeGreek key snaps, or "P" pattern snaps, were often used on vintage doll clothing in the 1950s and 1960s. Sometimes they were painted, sometimes they were left unpainted. The unpainted ones could be made of either silver or gold-colored metal.

They are often referred to as "Ginger snaps," because they were used so much on Cosmopolitan Ginger clothing. However, they were also used by other clothing manufacturers on shoes and clothes.

Here are a few of the places you can find Greek key snaps:

On a tagged Ginger dress:

White-painted Greek key snap on a tagged black-and-white checked Cosmopolitan Ginger dress

On a mint in box Fortune Ninette's clothing:

Red-painted Greek key snap on a MIB Fortune Ninette's white and red ski outfit

On a Fortune Pam's dress:

White-painted Greek key snap on a Fortune Pam's tea party dress

On an A&H Gigi outfit (identified in Small Dolls of the 40s & 50s by Carol Stover, pages 11 and 13):

Unpainted silver-colored Greek key snap on a documented A&H Gigi dress, red with a white, yellow, green, and blue floral pattern

On an unidentified Ginger clone's dress:

Unpainted gold-colored Greek key snap on an unidentified Ginger clone's pink satin formal

On a pair of fuzzy-bottomed center snap shoes from the early 1950s (worn by an 18-inch Madame Alexander doll, but may not be original):

White-painted Greek key snap on a pair of fuzzy-bottomed cream satin center snap shoes from the early 1950s

On a pair of replacement side snap shoes for a Madame Alexander Alexander-kins:

Black-painted Greek key snap on a pair of black suede side-snap shoes with cardboard bottoms, made as replacements for Madame Alexander Alexander-kins or Wendy dolls

On a pair of center snap shoes worn by Ginny, Muffie, Ginger, Ninette, and other high quality toddler dolls in the early 1950s:

Unpainted silver Greek key snap on a pair of black oilcloth center snap shoes