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Vintage doll wig replacement, part 2

More than a month ago, I blogged about replacing the wig on one of my 8-inch Ginger dolls. Here at last is the rest of the story, as well as a few pictures. As you'll remember, she wasn't the prettiest doll starting out — her crazy wig inspired me to nickname her Medusa. So I took the wig off of another Ginger doll with a walking post that was broken beyond repair. Once I had the new wig in place (all of this is described in detail in the other post), I tied a ribbon around her head to keep the cheesecloth wig cap flush against her head while the glue dried. (I don't recomend fast-drying glue unless it's something that is reversible — too easy to make mistakes. Better to learn patience!) After about 24 hours, I took the ribbon off. Although I had rebraided the wig before switching it, I did have do a little restyling after transferring it. Once the braids were how I wanted them, I put an extra spot of glue on each of side above the ear, so that the hair alongside her f

Catching up

A friend scolded me lately for not having updated my blog lately, so I have to apologize — I've been extremely busy lately with work and my other hobbies, which involve enjoying the nice springtime weather. However, today I bit the bullet and took a whole bunch of really great pictures, so you can expect new posts again! I'm especially excited about these pictures, because I've put together a new backdrop and studio setup, and I'm extraordinarily pleased with the results. Check back soon for updates and more eye candy!