Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another year, another doll show

Our booth at a local doll show and sale

On Sunday my mom and I had a booth in another doll show. A fellow Ginger collector and good friend of mine from Denmark, and the owner of, also had a few things (a few small dolls and a boxload of clothes) for sale in our booth.

This particular show ran twice last year — October and December — and we did both shows. This one, however, was more successful than both of last year's shows combined.

I've been slowly focusing my collecting efforts on Cosmopolitan Ginger, and as a result I've been getting rid of dolls that don't fit my collection anymore. There are some dolls that I won't get rid of no matter how my collecting changes, but there are others that I don't care as much for and that take up too much room to keep. My mom would call it downsizing, but I think techically a collection has to get smaller in order for that to be true — and mine is growing all the time.

Anyway, here is a listing of what we sold at the show:

My mom:

* 1930s Madame Alexander Madelaine DuBain
* 1950s American Character Tiny Tears with original trunk, clothes, and accessories
* 1950s magic skin baby with clothes and accessories
* Figurines from occupied Japan
* Carved wooden animals from Kenya
* Doll clothes


* 1950s 14" hard plastic "Made in USA" doll
* Madame Alexander Alexander-kins with the Maggie Mixup face and a 1960 tagged outfit
* Newer MIB Madame Alexander dolls
* Several "$5 dolls" — nude 1950s fashion dolls, Ginger clones, etc. — all needing TLC
* Doll clothes


* Ginny and Jill doll parts
* Doll clothes

One thing we have found about these shows is that it helps to have a combination of high-dollar dolls ("eye candy") and bargain stuff. So in addition to our nice dolls, we had a number of bargain dolls and several plastic tubs full of clothes (off to the side, out of the picture) for people to dig through. We set our prices fairly low, and by the end of the day our table was quite a bit more bare than what you see here.

Of course, the result is that we will turn around and put a lot of what we made into buying more dolls. The cycle never ends!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Live blogging the doll show... again!

Once again, I am live blogging the doll show!

Today's doll show is almost over, and it's been reasonably successful. I've made slightly more than the last show; and although I bought a new doll and some accessories, I spent last than half than I did last time. I'll walk away with more money this time, which is a good feeling indeed!

Although this is a doll and toy show, and usually has only a few good booths selling dolls, today's show has many more dolls than usual. A handful of booths have mostly Barbie dolls (which my mom and I don't deal in), and perhaps twice as many have vintage dolls. There is a good selection, and I have enjoyed browsing the booths and chatting with the sellers — some of whom I have known for several years!

Here is a picture of our booth the way it looked when we first set it up, before we sold anything:

Our booth at a doll show in Denver, Colorado

Everything is winding down now, and I think we probably won't get any further sales today. I'll blog again later with the final tally, and of course with pictures of my new doll!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Doll show coming up!

After my mom and I did our very first doll show in October, we decided to go ahead and do the next one. I also decided to do some more marketing this time, so here is the information for the doll show:

Collectors Supershow hosted by Dana Cain
Ramada Plaza, Northglenn, Colorado (Google map)
Sunday, December 7, 2008
10am - 3pm

These shows are always fun — and since it's a doll and toy show, there truly is something for everyone! For those of you who live in or near Denver, I hope to see you there!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Live blogging the doll show!

Here we are at the doll show, with an hour left to go! I can get wireless Internet here, so I wanted to post an update.

It has been a long day — I got up at 6:30 am to get dressed, get breakfast, and load up the car with my mom. We arrived just before 8:00, with an hour to get ready before the doors opened to the early birds.

The first hour and a half was our best. Within perhaps forty minutes, I sold three dolls — my 1950 Wendy Bride and two Binnie Walker "project dolls" — as well as some vintage doll clothing. Of course, I also bought a doll (which I will post pictures of soon), so I pretty much broke even.

My mom sold several doll books and some more vintage clothing — enough to buy a different doll book she wants. I guess that's really why we do these doll shows: so that we can buy more!

I took a picture of our booth before we sold a couple of things:

Our booth at the doll show

The next doll show is December 7th, and we're planning on doing that one too. I think next time I'll market a little better, and perhaps we'll get some more money — or should I say, some more dolls!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our first doll show is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the doll show — the first doll show my mom and I have ever sold at, although we have frequently attended these events. We are very excited!

We are taking a number of dolls with us, as well as a big box of doll clothing. I didn't get around to posting pictures and descriptions of everything we'll be selling, but here are the ones I did get to:

* Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth outfit

* Madame Alexander strung Maggie

* 16-inch strung Effanbee Honey

* Fortune Ninette or Duchess Randi

* 19-inch Horsman Cindy fashion doll

* 1953 Madame Alexander 18-inch Wendy Bride

* Vogue Ginny Formals #6062

* Vogue Ginny in school dress and raincoat

We are taking many other dolls to the show with us: a 1950 M.A. Wendy Bride, several Cosmopolitan Ginger dolls, a Madame Alexander "India" Alexander-kins, and more. Unfortunately, I underestimated the time I would need to get ready for the show, and ran out of time to photograph and post on each one.

After the show I will post updates, and list items for sale that are still available. Stay tuned!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Doll show in two weeks

We have only two weeks left to go until the doll show where my mom and I will be offering some of our dolls for sale!

We still have a lot to do before then. We need to buy supplies (price tags, stickers, receipt books, etc.), write out price tags, and pack everything up. I'd like to post pictures of more of the dolls and outfits we're selling on this site, and I'm also thinking of having some last-minute business cards made to market my website and ebook.

So exciting!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Table Mountain Doll Show

Today my mom and I went to the doll show and sale that the Table Mountain Treasures Doll Club puts on every spring. This year they did their "doll tea," which cost $6 (but you get to keep the teacup and saucer).

This is one of the best doll shows in Colorado. There are several other good ones, but this is the one that usually has the most vintage and antique dolls. (The other shows often have a lot of other dolls and toys, with only a few booths with a good selection of vintage dolls.)

I didn't buy anything today, but I may end up buying something as a result of the show. A seller from whom I bought one of my favorite Elise dolls a few years ago may have a dress for a Little Miss Nancy Ann doll I have (currently dressed in a Little Miss Ginger outfit). Also, a hat she has may be a perfect addition to a 14-inch "Made in U.S.A." doll that I have.

I love going to good show. Some sellers charge exorbitant prices, but there is still something to be said for experiencing the dolls in person: their hair, clothes, the way they feel and move and smell. Buying online is just not the same.